Super-producer Stir Crazy has stamped his imprint on the music scene since 2003. His production has helped create career defining hits for artists such as Potluck, D12, Bizzy Bone, Toxsick, Kamal, Tre Pound, SOL, T.O.N.Ez, The Insane Clown Posse and many others. Respected beyond the genres of hip hop and urban music, Stir Crazy, has also been sought by superstars and underground legends whose music needs a new edge.

Born in Detroit Michigan, Stir Crazy has had many reincarnations-- from a partnership in the label Super Phat Productions, and involved in a super group which consists of Dood Computer (of Doom Fist) and Himself.

Chop Shops smash hit single 'Heart", and Kamal's debut cd Certified produced by Stir Crazy, introduced a unique style that defined the new wave of music in the years too come. Hip Hop and R&B with crazy effects held together by complex drum patterns. Death B4 Dishoner a group consisting of Lokey, T.O.N.Ez and Stir Crazy proved Stir Crazy could step out his normal boundaries and do heavy metal and rock production.

Recently he has helped form, and in a music group with Dood Computer from Albany, New York and about to release there new upcoming album. The reason this album is getting so much attention is because of the marketing. It is coming out on cassette tape only.

Stir Crazy's sound is unexplainable, and meant to be listened to, not readů.

His partnership with fellow producer Tre Pound, has spanned the untouchable label Super Phat Productions, and there trademark sound has spawned numerous imitators in the Detroit area. Still known as the originators of the new wave of Detroit sound when it comes to hip hop and R&B music.

Along the way he built an impressive arsenal of studio equipment, and worked/works at many studios in Detroit where he does most of his production. He regularly travels between his home studio and other studios around the area and other states working on many projects.

Stir Crazy's genre breaking has changed music today and he takes pride in his success at staying ahead of the game with his experimentation and originality. Hard working and confident, his goal is to always stay ten steps ahead of the competitors while making fans not only hear but 'feel' music.

One thing Stir Crazy has on his side, other than incredible talent, is visibility. He has been featured on numerous websites as well as print.. He has been seen on several DVD's, and he has a role in a feature film, Zombie Prom.. Then there are his numerous other appearances and accomplishments. He was named producer of the year by Juggalo News by voting of fans. The acknowledgment came as a surprise, he got a message that he was going to be featured, and there he was, without having to submit anything about himself. The word is out!

"You can accomplish any dream or goals in life, with hard work and confidence" says the dedicated Stir Crazy. He is a innovator of sound which continues to set new standards, while always expanding his musical palette.