Cannot find DX28 website

The Dead By 28 page you clicked on cannot be displayed. The shit ain't done yet!

The zombie page you are looking for is currently unfinished. My lazy ass might be experiencing creative difficulties, or I might just need to stop drinking long enough to finish the shit. One way or another it will be up soon.

Please try the following:

  • Click the refresh.gif (82 bytes) Refresh button, or try again in a few days (I might have it done by then).
  • If you were just curious and clicked the caskets to see what they do, the Only one that does anything yet is Mike E Clarks, go ahead and click that shit cause his site if fresh!
  • To check your deadite settings, click the The Spawning menu, and then click "A Thing Called Evil". On the Rebirth tab, click Zombie. The settings should match those provided by Keymaster or Dizman. Click Detect Deadite Detect Deadites
  • Click the Bomb button if you are sick of reading this.

Cannot find Dead By 28 page or site error by Izzy Rotten